As bristles of the brush expertly caress the arches of the face, the teeth of the comb glide swiftly through strands of hair in a dance to transform a plain look into exquisite perfection.INTRODUCING… The Battle of the Brushes and Combs

Are you looking at taking your artistry to the next level? Competing in the Battle of the Brushes and Combs can give your career a huge boost. Competitors’ work is seen not only by industry leaders attending the shows, but also by thousands of social-media users following the show.

Finalists also get a chance for their art to be featured on Zikel cosmetics as well as Makeup Ghana’s social media pages. Additionally, the show gives competitors the chance to network in person with award winning and international artists.

The competition is open to students of recognized Makeup Schools who can participate as a team or individuals and individual and upcoming artists.

Register for the Battle of the Brushes & Combs

Participate as an Individual or School:

You can also call +233 55 255 5555 for further details.