The CEO of Makeup Ghana, Miss Rebecca Donkor together with 2nd Edition Makeup Artist of the Year; Sandra Don Arthur, the CEO of Colorbox (3rd Edition Makeup Product of the Year Winner), Madam Stephanie Adu, the CEO of Zikel Cosmetics; Mr. Kelvin Chinedu and the Makeup Ghana team met some Beauty Enthusiasts at the Stakeholders Meeting on Friday, 21st September, 2019.

The Stakeholders Meeting was scheduled ahead of the annual Rozay Mega Sales at the plush Golden Tupil Hotel Kumasi. Attendees were thrilled with hands-on strategies to help boost their businesses and enter the global market. They also raised issues affecting them in their region which were addressed.

The well-attended event continued with a free Makeup Class facilitated by Stephanie Adu and Sandra Don Arthur after which the long-awaited sales event commenced.