Online Customers of the CVL Brand woke up to some great news last Saturday. The announcement on Instagram had a caption that read “We are Global. We now Ship Worldwide….”

In a brief interview with the Founder and CEO; Valerie Lawson, the Makeup Ghana Team asked how long this has been in the works.

“It’s taken us over a year to work out the best payment and delivery systems and have them put in place to make both local and international orders a seamless operation through the website.” she said.

Looking at the Coronavirus pandemic and its effect on the Beauty Industry, do you think the timing is perfect?

The reigning Makeup Artist of the Year and Artistic Director of Maybelline Ghana answered “We have had a good number of orders from around Africa and the rest of the world and with the current state of affairs, this has been implemented at the right time as more people are shopping online”

Ghanaian Owned brands shipping worldwide is the way forward and this feat will encourage upcoming local brands to not compromise on quality in order to compete with foreign brands.

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