The vicious human carcinogen asbestos has been found in two talc-containing eye shadow palettes being sold via both eBay and Amazon after a test undertaken by The Scientific Analytical Institute in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Asbestos was found in a second Jmkcoz eye shadow kit, Beauty Glazed Gorgeous Me Eye Shadow Tray Palette, sold on the company’s website and on Amazon and eBay, at levels up to 3.5 million asbestos fiber structures per gram of eye shadow. Of the 25 shades tested from the kit, 20 percent contained the deadly fiber. These fibers can be inhaled and become lodged in the lungs., causing grave, often fatal, illnesses whose symptoms may not become evident for years or even decades after exposure.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) – a nonprofit, non-partisan organization that empowers people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment, in Washington, D.C., commissioned the testing as part of a wider assessment on the safety of children’s products and released the results to the public.

“We urge anyone who has purchased either of these products for themselves, family or friends to take the necessary steps to ensure they are no longer being used,” said Tasha Stoiber, Ph.D., a senior scientist at EWG. “And we call on these companies and online retailers to immediately pull both of these products from their respective websites. Asbestos, even at the smallest levels of exposure, can cause serious harm – even death – later in life.”

As long as dangerous ingredients such as asbestos remain on the market, it’s a good idea, particularly for parents, to:

  • Use EWG’s Skin Deep cosmetics database to make sure you choose the makeup and other personal care products with the fewest hazardous ingredients.
  • Be wary of toy makeup kits. They are often made from cheap and potentially hazardous ingredients, like asbestos, lead and chemicals linked to serious health impacts.
  • Avoid powders that contain talc, especially for children. Makeup in powder form can be easily inhaled into little lungs, and can damage them. Instead look for cream-based blushers and eye shadow.

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