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We are creating a home for everyone who loves and cares about beauty, wellness and lifestyle.

We are working hard mixing and matching the right blend of content, events, places to converse, reward and loyalty programs and ways to shop, to make you truly glow and mingle.

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We believe the voice behind the content matters just as much as the content. We are therefore curating great and unique content from authentic voices across the world for the Glow & Mingle community.

When we say content we mean blog posts, video clips, audio podcasts, infographics, documentaries, product reviews and a lot more, curated by our editorial team.

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We believe doing things together is one of the best ways of bonding. To make Glow & Mingle truly a family, we are cooking up some fun events for the community.

Road Trips. Makeup Bar Crawls. Soirees & Glam Nights. Pyjama Parties. Whatever you favour, we look forward to creating many happy memories with you.

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