Our training and career development services cover the full spectrum of professionals in the industry including artists, retailers and brands.

Ghana Makeup Academy

The Ghana Makeup Academy provides professional training for makeup artists at three (3) levels of professional competency: Beginners, Advanced and Proficiency.

Our unique curricula coupled with competent training facilitators and relevant practical internships with industry partners ensure our trainees graduate ready to start their own makeup practice.


Our beginner makeup training targets anyone interested in learning the basics of makeup for personal use or as a first step towards becoming a practicing professional.

This six (6) week course covers:

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Makeup Basics
  • Module 3: Basic Application


Our intermediate makeup training targets people, such as prosumers and existing makeup artists who already have basic proficiency and want to increase their skills.

This 6 week course covers:

  • Module 1: Face & Lip
  • Module 2: Step by Step Application
  • Module 3: Makeup Application Categories


Our advanced proficiency makeup training targets makeup artists ready for full professional management, advanced techniques and also specialize in a specific category of makeup.

This 6 week course covers:

  • Module 1: Branding & Business Management
  • Module 2: Hair Styling
  • Module 3: Specialization (Bridal, Editorial or Special Effects)

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Seminars & Workshops

Our seminars and workshops equip you to stay udpated with industry trends and opportunities from industry experts or peers.

Our sessions provide technical, business or marketing knowledge as well as practical hands-on training and live demonstrations based on the target audience.


Our seminars provide opportunities for industry experts and thought leaders to engage attendees on important industry topics and trends. This includes:

  • Technical & Scientific Innovations
  • Business & Market Insights
  • Regulation & Policy
  • Case Studies & Best Practices
  • Manufacturing Advancements


Our workshops help attendees acquire applicable knowledge across numerous industry activities through participatory learning. Examples include:

  • Design Thinking
  • Business Process Methodologies
  • Policy Formulation
  • Health & Safety


Our training programs are specialized hands-on training sessions focused on specific technical or business objectives for industry professionals.

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Business & Financial Management
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Product Formulation

Career Development

We support artists and professionals in the industry with mentorship and career development services. We also provide guidance for those looking to make a move into the beauty industry.

Talk to us and let us help you find your next big opportunity or make a move towards self fulfillment.

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